Laura Orsolini
Artist and children's book author-illustrator
I received my art degree from the Istituto Europeo di Design in Rome, Italy. I also studied children’s book illustration at the international summer school of Sàrmede in Treviso, Italy.  For ten years I worked with magazines and advertising agencies as a commercial illustrator. Afterwards, I devoted my creative work almost exclusively to the writing and illustration of children’s books, publishing more than 10 books across all continents. 
More recently, I felt compelled to further extend my research. The result has been a new series of images not strictly related to a text but rather inspired by those inner images which spontaneously form in my mind.
I work patiently to turn these ideas into drawings and I share them, in the hope they will resonate as well with my viewers. 
I am pleased to meet artists online and in person (I live in Munich, Germany, and I occasionally travel to my home town, Rome, in Italy). Feel free to follow the links below to contact me on social media or to purchase my artwork.
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